Set-up new e-mail in Thunderbird

You can download the newest version of the thunderbird here:

Install it the usual way and run it. Skip the exportation and close the set up mailbox window. Click in the top-right corner to the 3 lines (Thunderbird Menu) than choose Options / Account Settings:


Go to the Account Actions and choose Add Mail Account:


Fill the form: your full name (this will appear as sender name), your e-mail address, and the e-mail address’ password. Click continue:


When the Thunderbird tries to set-up the mailbox automatically halt it by clicking on the Manual Config button.


Copy the settings from the picture below!

The server is:

Ports: SMTP: 465; POP3: 995; IMAP: 993;

SSL/TLS; Normal passwords

The username is your full e-mail address


Click Done (or the Advanced config good as well). Accept the Certificate:


Click on your mailbox in the left list and Get your mails: